Keats via wiki and a science teacher with a starring role

Followed Mira’s prompt to check out the langwitches blog and ended up watching this somewhat nerdy, but very interesting (to me as a would-be English teacher anyway) Youtube video: teaching with wikies

It was great to hear an English teacher talk about how he uses wikies to help his class learn about the poetry of Keats. As he says the technology takes what we (teachers ) do and allows students to do it in a more effective way and making it less teacher-centred.

I have also stumbled upon this great story about a science teacher who videos every lesson she takes and uploads it onto her class blog so her students can refer back to it later (great for kids who missed that class because they were sick, had an excursion etc etc). It sounds kind of daunting to me. She makes it sound easy, but I have a lot of techno fear to overcome. But the rewards for her as a teacher and of course for her students (same thing really!) are immense. Inspiring stuff.

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